What to Consider When Choosing a Camper Trailer for Yourself

A camper trailer can be a great choice for anyone who loves the great outdoors, but who doesn't want to invest in a large caravan. Camper trailers are smaller and more lightweight than actual caravans, and usually, have a folding roof that pops up or unfolds to resemble a tent. While these trailers may be a bit more rustic than a large caravan, they are good for those who only need a basic trailer for their camping holidays. When you're ready to purchase a camper trailer for yourself, note a few tips to keep in mind and a few factors to consider, so you're sure to get the best one for your needs.

Features needed

Are you the type of camper who likes to set up in very rustic sites or national parks, away from a water source, electricity and plumbing? If so, you may need a larger model with an indoor toilet, room for large water tanks, and a solar panel or generator. However, if you prefer to stay at parks that provide electrical and water hook-ups, showers, and toilets, you can typically go with a very stripped-down model of camper that may only offer a sleeping space and storage. Don't assume that rustic camping means a more rustic trailer, as you may actually need one with those extra features to keep you safe and comfortable when in the woods, but can use a smaller camper when staying at actual campgrounds.

Structure for off-roading

An off-roading camper will be heavier, to keep it stable as you hit bumps on unpaved roads. This type of camper will also have larger and heavier tyres for better traction, and a heavy-duty suspension to keep the camper from dipping and rocking. The frame may also be constructed with thicker beams that will provide more structural support for the trailer. Never buy a lightweight camper trailer meant for a campground if you tend to go off-roading, but always choose one designed specifically to withstand this added abuse of uneven, rough roads.

Set up

Some campers have a foldout floor that sets up behind or to the side of the camper, and which then needs legs unfolded underneath it for balance. This can be cumbersome for some to manage on their own, as can some models of popup or unfolding roofs. If you camp by yourself or prefer something very easy to manage, choose a camper trailer with a crank that unfolds the roof, and with a soft floor that doesn't need any unfolding or another set-up.

Contact companies that sell campers for more information and assistance on when to buy camper trailers.

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