Two Accessories You Can Buy to Improve the Performance of Your Vehicle

There are many accessories that you can buy to improve the performance of your vehicle. Here are two specific items you might want to purchase for this reason.

A large, sturdy transmission pan

Many drivers choose to purchase performance parts when they want to enhance their vehicle's road performance. If you're hoping to improve the road performance of your car, you might want to do the same.

For example, replacing your vehicle's existing transmission pan with a very spacious, sturdy one could make a big difference to the way in which your vehicle performs during long road journeys.

A lot of transmission fluid is required in order to keep the gears of a vehicle well-lubricated. If the transmission pan containing this fluid is quite small and cannot, therefore, hold much of this liquid at once, or if the pan is made from a weak material and has sprung a leak as a result of this, then the vehicle's gears may end up not being properly lubricated.

This could result in the abrasion of the gears. Furthermore, the friction produced by the unlubricated gears rubbing against one another could generate so much heat that the gears end up warping. These issues could then lead to the gears seizing up or malfunctioning whilst the vehicle is being driven.

Conversely, if you purchase a larger-than-average, robust transmission pan from a company that sells products like Aeroflow performance parts, your gears should perform at their best at all times, as the pan will be spacious enough to hold plenty of this crucial fluid and will be durable enough not to spring any leaks, even when the vehicle is driven in challenging environments.

High-performance brake pads

Another item that you might want to buy if you're unimpressed with your vehicle at the moment is a set of high-performance brake pads.

These are usually a bit larger than standard brake pads and are made from materials which will not 'glaze' when exposed to heat (this is where the dust within the brake system becomes encrusted onto the surface of the pads and stops them from functioning as they should). These qualities can help to minimise the length of time it takes to bring a vehicle to a stop.

In practical terms, this means that if you replace your current pads with high-performance ones, you should be able to slow down quickly and easily in instances where, for example, a car ahead of you brakes unexpectedly, or a wild animal crosses the road. It should also enable you to safely turn sharp corners safely without having to initiate the braking process well in advance.

Brake pads are relatively easy to fit and the high-performance ones don't cost much more than the standard-sized ones. As such, this is a very affordable way to boost your car's performance.

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